It was a cold 21 degrees yesterday when we had a date to NPIP test a beautiful flock of birds near Reed City. 66 birds tested from peafowl, pheasants, and chickens.  It was a challenge to keep the antigen from getting too cold and the flock owner had a nice propane heater to help.  

Fivewire Farm has been selling hatching eggs locally.  We also have some pre-orders for chicks, so our incubator is currently full with Iowa Blue, Chantecler, Isbar, Cream Legbar, and Olive Eggers.  They will be here around the 24th.  We hatch to order.  I am excited each time we load up our cabinet incubator and think about the first loud "cheep" we hear from a newly hatched chick.  

Other than that, we had a mild winter for the most part.  Looking foward to our spring weather.  March came in like a "lion" lets hope it doesn't go out that way too.  

Two of my grand children celebrated birthday's in the last two weeks.  So much fun!  They grow up way too fast though.


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    Candy Pilarski

    5 sweethearts call me Grammas, one sweetheart calls me wife.  I am the current VP of the Iowa Blue Chicken Club and love raising chickens. We have settled on these breeds: Iowa Blue, Easter Egger, Chantecler, Crested Cream Legbar, Sapphires and Olive Egger.  We also have added Ancona duck breed and a beehive! 


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