It has been a long spring and summer for our small farm.  We have added two more Iowa Blue breeding enthusiasts this year.  One in southern Indiana and the other in Western Michigan.  We are also very happy with the hatching of the Iowa in seeing more and more of the chestnut down color chicks!  Even though we are not experienced with genetics, we are doing something right! Here is a photo of our hen Brownie. She will be one year old this month.  We have had great success with our Chantecler breeding pen as well.  We also added Ancona ducks, Crested Cream Legbar, Sapphires, and a beehive to our small farm this year!  Enjoy the photos.


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    Candy Pilarski

    5 sweethearts call me Grammas, one sweetheart calls me wife.  I am the current VP of the Iowa Blue Chicken Club and love raising chickens. We have settled on these breeds: Iowa Blue, Easter Egger, Chantecler, Crested Cream Legbar, Sapphires and Olive Egger.  We also have added Ancona duck breed and a beehive! 


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