With AI showing up in the southern states of the country, those states are requiring AI certification along with the standard NPIP certification. To certify our flock for AI is costly here in Michigan.  We have opted not to do that certification because we are a small farm.  

Hopefully the AI requirement will be lifted and we can send eggs/chicks to all states, but until then we wish to let you know shipping is limited.

Thank you so much,


    Candy Pilarski

    5 sweethearts call me Grammas, one sweetheart calls me wife.  I am the current VP of the Iowa Blue Chicken Club and love raising chickens. We have settled on these breeds: Iowa Blue, Easter Egger, Chantecler, Crested Cream Legbar, Sapphires and Olive Egger.  We also have added Ancona duck breed and a beehive! 


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